再生可能エネルギー 2014 国際会議
2014年7月27日(日)~8月1日(金) 東京ビッグサイト
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Welcome Message

The importance of the renewable energy technology has been growing significantly since the beginning of the 21st century and will continue throughout this century.
 Thus, it is our great pleasure to inform you that we are organizing Grand Renewable Energy 2014 (GRE2014) international conference, which follows the two conferences of RE2006 and RE 2010 held in Japan. The Organizing Committee will carry out extensive activities for the success of GRE2014 with our continuous slogan “Advanced Technology Paths to Global Sustainability”. Many prominent experts and organizations concerned with renewable energy participate in the committee, in the fields of academia, industry, and government, not only in Japan but also from the various countries of the world.
 Expectations have been growing worldwide for renewable energy technologies as a solution for energy and global environment issues; issues projected to become more evident and serious during the 21st century. According to some long-term projections, renewable energy may satisfy half of the world’s energy needs by 2050. This would put renewable energy on the same level of importance as conventional energy. Moreover, more aggressive forecasts predict that renewable energy might supply two-thirds of the world’s energy by 2100.

We, the specialists involved in the field of renewable energy technologies today, should accept this challenge and respond to these ambitious targets this century. Doing so will influence our direction and quality of life in the future. Knowing that renewable energy is a peaceful energy resource present everywhere on earth should inspire us to further its development and dissemination. At this important time in history, you are invited to contribute to the progress of renewable energy technologies. You can learn about the latest cutting edge technologies at GRE2014. This conference is a joint event organized together with the International Solar Energy Society-Asia Pacific.

The international conference will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from July 27 – August 1, 2014. In parallel, a world exhibition will be open for three days from July 30. Tokyo Big Sight is located within easy access from both Haneda and Narita International Airports.
 We, as the organizing committee, welcome all participants, not only those presenting papers but also those just interested in listening and discussing. We assuredly provide all of you with the sharing of innovative information on the latest trends of smart renewable energy development for the 21st century which is linked with global economy growth.

Prof. Kenji Yamaji
General Chairperson
(The University of Tokyo, RITE)
Prof. Kosuke Kurokawa
Co-General Chairperson
(Tokyo Tech., JCRE)
Dr. Dave Renné
Co-Chairperson, International
Advisory Committee
(NREL, President of ISES)
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Conference Significance and Aim

(1)  Implementation of the former Conference, RE2010 International Conference
More than 1300 specialists from 65 countries gathered to Pacifico Yokohama, in the city of Yokohama, Japan in order to contribute to the progress of wide range of Renewable Energy technologies and to promote sustainable and renewable energy markets. Attendees agreed with the following fundamental understandings and proposals to show our direction to the world. That is, we, the specialists involved in the field of renewable energy technologies and their policies, accept the technical challenge and contribute to grow the renewable energy market to realize a sustainable world with high quality of life in this century. We, the attendees here, wish to meet again at the next occasion of this Renewable Energy Conference.
This Grand Renewable Energy Conference is the third conference followed by the 2006 and the 2010, held in Japan.
(2)  Renewable energy is indispensable, year by year, in social responsibility view of point
Economic development using renewable energy technology became indispensable. To accelerate this situation, the place setting where every stakeholders gather together, present, and discuss about utmost qualified research and technology is a significant matter. The development of individual technology and the integrated technology are likely in the wheel of vehicle. Given such circumstances of the world as population increase, unstable security surrounding many countries, global temperature increase, and so on, renewable energy development must be accelerated. Innovation is the most important which is true, but the updated modification and rearrangement of conventional energies are also important, thus it is a part of subjects to the discussion. Final purpose is, linking with industry development and stable society. We welcome all of those having interest in renewable energy.
(3)  Through the conference, we publicize revitalization from the East Japan big earthquake
The magnitude 9 earthquake attacked east Japan on March 11, 2011 with associating unexpected giant tsumami, which had caused close to 20,000 fatal losses, and the catastrophic damage to the land, causing the housing loss more than 300,000, plus the inexperienced accident of nuclear power plants, which was classified in severity level, seven. Receiving the warm heart help from many countries in addition to many volunteers of Japanese civilian, the recovery plan has been commenced from the part of capable areas in turn. In year 2014, when conference is held, the project to retrieve the vitalization will be disclosed for discussion. In this meaning, the year 2014 is deemed to be good timing for all the people internationally, since the sharing of experience is very valuable because there is probability everywhere in the world.
(4)  We contribute to develop young generation talent with global sense
We submit the venue where young researcher and engineer participate, present own paper and discuss with global specialists in reasonable price. This activity will make them promoting global sense, inducing own research development through the refined paper submission. We support the promotion of papers in collaboration with renowned academy associations.
(5)  We realize the first class international conference
The conference is held in the joint connection with international exhibition where visitors come about 50,000 persons. Those registered to the conference feel free to access both, and visitors to the exhibition can participate in the conference only if paying the registration fee. We intend to pursue the real renewable energy world fair 2014 in Tokyo Big Sight.
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